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Last Chance Archery Standard Draw Board

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goHUNT Highlights

  • The perfect addition to your at-home bowshop
  • Easily check your timing and draw length
  • Check cam lean and set your rest with the utmost precision
  • Eliminates the chances of bent risers and twisted limbs

Manufacturer Highlights

  • The standard model adapts to all standard LCA presses
  • Weighs 3 lbs 15 oz
  • Hand crank

The LCA Draw Board is the perfect tool for tuning your bow to perfection. Check your timing, draw length, cam lean, and set your rest with more precision than ever. You can mount the LCA Draw Board to your workbench/table or you can install the unit onto your LCA bow press.

Weight 3 lbs 15 oz
Compatability EZ Green, EZ Press, and EZ Press Deluxe, Power Green, Power Press, Power Press Deluxe, and Pack-N-GO Standard
Warranty Limited warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lamar Matthews
LCA Stand. Draw Board_”Don’t Go Without”

LCA’s Standard Draw Board easily attaches to LCA’s Bow Press within seconds without tools. It’s an essential tool to properly and accurately check and adjust cam timing, cam lean, draw length, etc., an invaluable piece of equipment that will leave you with a piece of mind that your compound bow is tuned to perfection and capable of making that shot when the opportunity presents itself.
Ultra tune your equipment on your time, not on the local shops.

Handy, but wouldn’t mind seeing some minor changes.

It’s nice having the all-in-one setup with my EZ press, but since I shoot a centergy hybrid, I’m stuck spinning the press wheel a lot when I go back and forth between using the press and the draw board. It would be nice if the draw board had a longer cable. I have to compress the press by several inches each time I need the draw board. Super minor, but could be better with a longer cable on the draw board. The second (minor) issue is the rubber brace on the draw board is thick enough to prevent my QAD thumb wheel from rotating fully. I solved this by sliding the rubber sleeve out from the press just far enough to allow the thumb wheel to rotate without touching the rubber. Other than those two things, it’s very smooth and handy to have mounted directly on the press.

Daryl Marske
Perfect addition to the Green Press

This is the best and safest draw board I have used, which is a great addition to my Green press. I had purchased a sketchy draw board that used a boat winch I never trusted, and I hated having to use it. Now I don’t hesitate to draw a bow as it is very safe and accurate.

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