Last Chance Archery Quick Clip

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The Last Chance Archery Quick Clip is a great bow-building accessory to add to your workstation.

Why we like this product 
  • Quick clip strings and cables once they've been removed from the bow
  • Hands-free flex arm 
  • Super-strength magnet included for attaching to bow press
  • Universal clamp for easy attachment to a table (max-width 2.75")
The Quick Clip is used to hold the ends of your strings or cables while you tune your bow to keep them from unwinding without hassle. The Quick Clip can hold other small items using the included three, rubber-coated alligator clips. The Quick Clip mounts to your bow press using the super-strength magnet or clamp the Quick Clip to your table with the universal clamp. This product is very versatile and extremely easy to use providing hands-free assistance.
Last Chance Archery

Last Chance Archery Quick Clip


Built by GOHUNT

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