Last Chance Archery Limb Lock Kit

The Limb Lock Kit from LCA is the ultimate upgrade to your LCA bow press for beyond parallel bow models adding additional protection to the bow and safety for the user.


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Why we like this product

  • Designed to press beyond parallel bow models with ease
  • Rotating head design keeps limbs fully enclosed though the entire pressing process
  • Limb Locks foam-covered rollers are fully adjustable and act as a safety during pressing
  • Standard or Ultimate mounting options cover every Last Chance Archery bow press model
  • Rubber-coated fingers help avoid scratching the limbs during pressing
  • ***Only compatible with Last Chance Archery Bow Presses***

The Limb Lock Kit is a perfect addition to any Last Chance Archery bow press designed specifically for pressing beyond parallel limb bows. The Limb Locks are foam-covered rollers that act as a safety to hold the bow from slipping when pressing beyond parallel models. These are adjustable depending on the bow model you are pressing. The Limb Lock Fingers use a rotating head design which keeps the limbs of your bow fully enclosed no matter the angle of the limbs as you press the bow. Each finger is rubber coated to protect the bow limbs from being scratched and all four fingers can be adjusted in or out and forward or back to match the limb angle or design.

 ***This Kit Can Only Be Used On Last Chance Archery Bow Presses***

Weight Standard - 4lbs 10.4 oz
Ultimate - 4lbs 7.2 oz
Dimensions 11" x 7" x 5"
Beyond Parallel Bow Models
Hoyt - Defiant, Hyper Edge, Double XL (2016/2017), and Venom (due to large cam size)
Bear - Attack and Carnage
PSE - Stealth Mach 1 and all Omen models
Elite - Envision, Omnia, Ritual 30, Option 6, and Option 7
Athens - Vista 31, 33, 35, and Peak 38
Obsession - Most bow models will use this kit
Compatible Bow Presses Standard Limb Locks - EZ Green, EZ Press, EZ Press Deluxe, Power Green, Power Press, Power Press Deluxe, and the Pack-N-Go Standard
Ultimate Limb Locks - Any LCA bow press with "Ultimate" in the name
Manufacturer Warranty Limited Warranty
Last Chance Archery

Last Chance Archery Limb Lock Kit


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