Kestrel 2700 Ballistics Weather Meter

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goHUNT Highlights

  • A great ballistic weather meter for the beginning or advanced long-range shooter who wants to improve their accuracy 
  • Built to be a great addition to your range bag, and compact enough to bring into the field 
  • Never pass a long-range shot again because of not knowing all the variables 
  • Brady doesn't go to the range or in the field without a Kestrel weather meter

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Simple 3 button operation and Easy Mode step-by-step guidance on getting started
  • Rugged, all-weather durability
  • Upload a profile for your specific rifle and bullet 
  • Warranty - Limited 5 Years

Changes in the weather happen quickly in the backcountry. When the time comes to make a shot you should be sure that you know all of the variables. The Kestrel 2700 is a great starter ballistic weather meter for long-distance shooting. Accurately measure wind speed and direction, temperature, and pressure. Expect extreme accuracy out to 875 yards.

Weight 2.3 oz
Dimensions 4.8" x 1.7" x 0.7"
Battery Life Up to 400 hours, AA Lithium
IPX Rating 6 - Protects against high-pressure water stream from any angle
Wind Speed/Air Flow Accuracy Larger of 3% of reading, least significant digit or 20 ft/min
Ambient Temperature 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit
Relative Humidity +/- 3% RH
Pressure 700-1100 mbar/22.15-32.48 inHg at 77 degrees Fahrenheit
Manufacturer Warranty Limited 5 Year
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