Jetboil Jetgauge


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Take out the guess work with the Jetboil Jetgage, know how much fuel you have left before leaving the house.

Why we like this product
  • 3 settings for weighing 100 g, 230 g and 450 g JetPower canisters
  • Easy to read digital output fuel levels
  • Convenient usage guide to help meal planning
  • Also compatible with most isobutane/propane backpacking fuel canisters
No more guessing, no more worrying with the Jetboil Jetgage. Easy to read digital display accurately displays how much fuel is remaining in the cannister. The Jetgage has three different settings allowing you to weigh a variety of JetPower canisters. The Jetgauge gives the hunter the ability to plan out the fuel usage for a trip saving weight and space with the included "usage guide". The Jetgauge is designed for Jetboil canisters although it is compatible with most isobutane/propane backpacking fuel canisters.
Weight 3 oz
Dimensions  1" x 2.5"
Compatible with 100g, 230g and 450g JetPower canisters and  most isobutane/propane fuel canisters

Jetboil Jetgauge


Built by GOHUNT

Our latest must-have gear, perfect for use at home and in the field.

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