Honey Stinger Energy Gels

This perfect combination of organic honey, electrolytes, and B vitamins are delightfully smooth and provide instant fuel to keep you energized. Honey Stinger Gels will give you the boost you need and a sweet taste you'll enjoy. They give you the power to perform and reach your goals without muscle fatigue.

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Why we like this product

  • Optimized for efficient fueling during athletic efforts
  • Provides instant, honey-powered energy that lasts
  • A balanced blend of organic honey, electrolytes + B vitamins, and smooth texture

Experience sustained, honey-powered energy with Honey Stinger Energy Gels. Optimized for athletic fueling, each gel contains a balanced blend of organic honey, electrolytes, and B vitamins for optimal performance. Packing a punch of energy and a sweet flavor, these gels help maintain energy levels and delay muscle fatigue for when you need that extra boost.

Honey Stinger

Honey Stinger Energy Gels


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