Hamskea Epsilon Containment Launcher

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The Hamskea Epsilon Containment Launcher is a curved steel core launcher covered with a sound dampening over mold for almost near silence.

Why we like this accessory
  • Launcher profile designed to fit modern risers
  • Compatible with any Hamskea rest on the market along with other select brands
  • Curved steel core launcher with quite over mold
The new Epsilon Containment Launcher is great for the hunter looking to upgrade their current Hamskea rest. The steel core launcher is extremely durable and curved designed to help keep the arrow in the center of the rest for repeatable accuracy shot after shot. The over mold added to the top of the launcher deadens sound from the arrow and rest contact keeping the hunter better concealed from the game.
0.1 oz
Height 0.45"
Width 2"
Compatibility All Hamskea Rests

Hamskea Epsilon Containment Launcher


Built by GOHUNT

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