Grangers Down Wash & Performance Repel Combo Pack

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Grangers Down Wash & Performance Repel Combo Pack makes caring for all down-filled garments and equipment as easy as possible. Each pack contains one bottle of Down Wash, and one spray bottle of Performance Repel.

Picking the right detergent when washing down items is incredibly important. Regular household laundry detergents may leave garments looking clean, but they also leave various chemical residues behind after washing – reducing a garment’s ability to insulate.

Grangers Down Wash has been formulated to thoroughly clean down items without damaging the delicate material within. Performance Repel, meanwhile, restores the water-repellent finish to your down gear, leaving you fully protected outdoors. Based on an environmentally responsible fluorocarbon-free technology, both Down Wash and Performance Repel are suitable for use on all types of technical clothing and equipment, including those with Gore-Tex® and eVent linings. These products have no added optical brighteners or scents.

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