Grakksaw Claw Deer Skull Hanger

Securely mount your deer trophy with Grakksaw Claw Deer Skull Hangers! Made with an innovative claw design, the hangers accommodate skulls of any size or form with their versatile positioning options. Perfectly inconspicuous, each pack comes with three hangers for an engineered solution – giving you the perfect way to proudly display your prize.


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Why we like this product

  • Claw design: Three prongs eliminate all heads from rotating. They can be busted racks, misshapen, or truly gigantic and still position perfectly on this skull hanger.
  • Hidden from view: This hanger is small and discrete, indexing into your skull with ease.

The Grakksaw Claw Deer Skull Hanger is an engineered solution tailored for mounting deer skulls. Each pack contains three hangers, providing versatile positioning options. The Claw design enables skulls of any size or form to be held firmly in place. Small and inconspicuous, this hanger allows for secure mounting of your trophy.


Grakksaw Claw Deer Skull Hanger


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