Grakksaw Backcountry Bootdryer

Grakksaw has upgraded the design of the Backcountry Bootdryer, encasing the fans comfortably inside a brightly colored, injection molded plastic with an integrated cable strain relief. When you plug it into any standard 5v USB outlet or battery pack, it will only use 1.25 watts, that's 25% of the power of your phone charger! The BCBD comes with a USA-made 3ft USB cable extension. Battery pack not included.


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Why we like this product

  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand,
  • Powered on any standard 5v USB receptacle/battery pack

Weighing in at under 6 ounces, the improved Grakksaw Backcountry Bootdryer features an injection molded plastic for secure and high-visibility housing of its fans. Molded in the Midwest and powered by a standard 5v USB receptacle, the device draws 0.230-.270 amps and 5 volts, consuming only 25% of the power that your phone uses for charging. With an optimal fan size and wattage, your boots can be dry in no time. Plus, the whole setup fits in your palm and can be used anywhere - from in the truck to the great outdoors. The "BCBD" also comes with a 3ft USB cable extension (battery pack not included). This device is not a 110v plug-in boot dryer with heating elements and fans; instead, it effectively moves air with low power consumption and portability in mind. For faster drying, combine the Grakksaw Backcountry Bootdryer with a heat source, such as a campfire.

The Backcountry Bootdryer is not waterproof. 
Do not submerge the device or operate it when the wiring or fan is wet.
Do not obstruct the fan blades.
Do not place dangerously close to a heat source in which the wiring, fan, or other items may combust or melt.


Grakksaw Backcountry Bootdryer


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