Grabber Mega Warmers

Grabber Mega Warmers provide up to 18 hours of warmth with single-use, air-activated heat packs. With a rectangular shape and minimal storage requirements, these heat packs are ideal for outdoor activities.

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Why we like this product

  • Up to 18 Hours of Heat
  • Mega Warmer is Larger Size and Longer Lasting!
  • Ready to Use
  • Air-Activated
  • Natural Heat
  • Contains One Warmer per Package

Grabber Mega Warmers are single-use, air-activated heat packs designed in a rectangular shape to offer up to 18 hours of sustained heat for hands and body. These heat packs are easy to use and take up little storage space, making them great for any outdoor activity. Grabber Mega Warmers are an efficient and reliable way to stay warm even in the coldest of conditions. They can help reduce the risk of cold-related injuries, so you can focus on having a great time outdoors.

Grabber Warmers

Grabber Mega Warmers


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