GOHUNT Ripper Bugle Tube by Phelps Game Calls

Sorry, this product has been discontinued
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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Offers a flared mouth for the most comfort and best quality sound

  • Large corrugations in the tube make an incredible resonance to create the best sound

  • Over-cupped exhaust bell creates back pressure, this makes it easier to use diaphragms

Manufacturer Highlights

  • 1.25" flared mouth

  • Thick walls for extreme volume and NO plastic sound

  • Warranty - Limited Lifetime

This is a must-have item for locating bulls in the rut. The GOHUNT Ripper "Unleashed Bugle Tube" by Phelps Game Calls features large corrugations in the chamber that provide great resonance and structure to the tube. The opening has a 1.25" flared mouth for comfort and usability and the over-cupped exhaust bell was designed for back pressure and resistance making it easier to use diaphragm calls.

A key feature is the thick walls for extreme volume which eliminates a plastic-type sound. Features the "Phelps Game Calls" screen printed on one side of the tube.

Color Grey
Manufacturer Warranty Limited Lifetime
Phelps Game Calls

GOHUNT Ripper Bugle Tube by Phelps Game Calls


Built by GOHUNT

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