FlipFuel Fuel Transfer Device

The FlipFuel transfer device allows you to maximize space and carry full fuel canisters when backpacking. No more having to play the guessing game when you get a full canister every time.


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Why we like this product

  • Transfer fuel between canisters
  • Always carry a full canister
  • Use all of your fuel
  • Recycle empty canisters

The FlipFuel Transfer device was created to transfer fuel from one partially filled canister to another.  Use all of your fuel and carry a full canister at all times. The FlipFuel transfer device can be used for dividing large canisters into smaller ones for ultralight backpacking. The FlipFuel transfer device is easy to use. Place the new receiving canister into the freezer and the sending canister in the sun and wait 5 minutes. After 5 minutes thread canisters onto FlipFuel Device with the receiving canister on the top ("IN") side and the sending canister on bottom ("OUT") side. Open valve to transfer fuel, when finished close valve and detach containers. The device supports isobutane fuel canisters including MSR, Jetboil, Snow Peak, and more. Only transfer like fuel from one canister to another. Now you don't have to collect half-empty containers in your garage or burn them out. 

Material  Aluminum
Fuel Type Isobutane
Dimensions 2.13" L x 1" W x 1.25" H
Weight 1.6 oz 
Warranty Replacement guarantee 

Flip Fuel

FlipFuel Fuel Transfer Device


Built by GOHUNT

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