Final Rise Jacket Lashes

The Jacket Lashes offer a very simple and secure way to stash your outer layer to your vest during the warmer parts of the day when it's not needed.

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Why we like this product

  • Keeps your clothes free of feathers and spent shells when the weather warms up
  • Lash Loops are large enough to fit any mid or outer-layer tops
  • Located at the mid-bag level so the weight rides comfortably when hiking
  • Quick-release buckle allows for easy access for adding or removing layers throughout the day

The Final Rise Jacket Lashes offer a quick and easy way to shed and store a layer of clothing without storing it in the same spot as your birds. Each lash is 21" in length and is ample for most mid-weight layers, such as sweaters or soft-shell jackets, and can feed through any webbing on the bag to adjust how wide and where you want the lashes to cinch onto the layer. To use, simply feed the lashes through the webbing on the rear side of the vest at whatever width you desire, roll up your jacket, and tighten it down. When not in use you can leave them hanging on the bag, feed them behind a rear accessory pocket or remove them entirely. This easy-to-use external storage system allows you to keep your layers clean and free of feathers as the weather changes throughout the day.

Length 21"
Lash style Quick-Release Buckle
Manufacturer Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee
Final Rise

Final Rise Jacket Lashes


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