Final Rise Gunstock Cradle



The Gunstock Cradle is a simple, lightweight, and functional solution to help ease the pressure from carrying your shotgun all day.

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Why we like this product

  • Easy spot to rest your shotgun
  • 10" in length
  • Takes the weight off your arms and shoulders throughout the hunt
  • Faster access than using a shoulder sling

The Final Rise Gunstock Cradle offers the perfect spot to rest your shotgun while remaining ready to shoot at any moment. The cradle loops onto the 2" webbing on the front of your waist belt, where the buckles are attached, and gives you an easy spot to place the butt of your gun and take the weight of your arms and shoulders. Whether you're sitting over a field waiting for dove to pass, or resting from a grueling hike looking for chukar, the cradle is the perfect resting spot for your shotgun in any scenario.

Length 10"
Attachment style 2" loop attaches in the front of your waist belt on your vest
Manufacturer Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer Defect
Final Rise

Final Rise Gunstock Cradle


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