CVA Barrel Blaster™ Solvent

CVA® Barrel Blaster is formulated with citric-acid, providing an effective rust-preventive solution for black powder firearms. One cleaning patch is all it takes to dissolve residue, and swabbing with the foam residue afterward finishes the cleaning process. Barrel Blaster provides a simple, low effort solution, giving reliable results with minimal effort.

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Why we like this product

  • Citric based bore cleaner
  • Solvent based specifically for black powder
  • Simple and efficient way to clean your muzzleloader

CVA® Barrel Blaster solvent is a rust-preventive, citric-based solution designed for black powder firearms. Easy to use, the solvent dissolves residue built up from shooting black powder or pyrodex with a single cleaning patch. Swabbing out the barrel with the foam results finishes the cleaning process. Barrel Blaster is ideal for minimal effort cleaning, providing simple, effective results.


CVA Barrel Blaster™ Solvent


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