Carter Whisper 2 Release

Carter Whisper 2 Release: features rubber sound dampeners, Magnetic Adjustment System, and reverse open jaw design for precise and quiet shots, plus easy customization and seamless loading.


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Why we like this product

  • No travel adjustment is needed
  • A reverse open jaw for fast and silent hookups on a d-loop
  • Four strategically placed rubber sound dampeners silence the sear mechanisms

The Carter Whisper 2 Release is uniquely designed with rubber sound dampeners to effectively silence sear mechanisms, allowing hunters to take precise and accurate shots with minimal noise. The Magnetic Adjustment System eliminates the need for travel adjustments and allows for easy customization by simply sliding the magnets in or out. Its innovative reverse open jaw design enables quick and quiet attachment to a d-loop while reducing contact with the string and loop. The magnetic hook return adds to the seamless loading process. 


Adjustable tension Yes
Adjustable barrel Yes
Jaw type Open
Warranty One-year limited warranty
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Carter Whisper 2 Release


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