Born and Raised Call Co. Love Triangle

The Born & Raised Love Triangle elk call produces versatile, realistic cow and calf sounds with precise pitch and volume control through simple bite and blow operation.


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Why we like this product

  • No latex
  • External reed
  • Optional hands free operation
  • Superior volume, tonal range and nasal buzz

The Born & Raised Love Triangle is the ultimate tool for producing cow and calf elk sounds with unparalleled versatility and realism. This elk call achieves incredible pitches and octaves, giving you full control over the volume to produce soft chirps and mews or loud, far-reaching cow sounds. With a simple biting and blowing operation, you can make hands-free calls effortlessly. With no latex materials for those with allergies, an external reed to prevent gagging, and the option for hands-free operation, this call offers superior quality and performance. 

Born and Raised Call Co.

Born and Raised Call Co. Love Triangle


Built by GOHUNT

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