Black Eagle Deep Impact Pre-Fletched Arrows - 6 Count

The Black Eagle Arrows Deep Impact arrow shaft is a .165" micro-diameter 100% carbon shaft featuring a straightness tolerance of .001" or .003", weight tolerance of ± 1 grain, Black Anodized Outserts, and Micro nocks.


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Arrow Length Arrow length is determined by measuring carbon-to-carbon.
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Why we like this product

  • Built for the most accurate and repeatable reps with an extremely flat trajectory
  • Micro diameter helps eliminate cross-wind drift for more precise shots
  • Fine-tuned and optimized to deliver the most kinetic energy for devastating penetration at all ranges
  • Straightness tolerance of .001" or .003" with a weight tolerance of ± 1 grain
  • Inner diameter of .165” with an outside diameter ranging from .209-.248”
  • Includes Black Anodized Outserts 40 grains (300 Spine) 42 grains (350, 400 Spine), and Micro-Nock - 8 Grains

The name says it all. The Black Eagle Arrows Deep Impact Pre-Fletched Arrows are an incredibly light yet strong micro-diameter arrow developed using cutting-edge carbon manufacturing techniques. These arrows use fine-tuned spine-to-weight ratios to maximize the speed, kinetic energy, penetration, and the flattest trajectory possible. The Black Eagle Arrows Deep Impact series micro-diameter shafts fly straighter through cross winds due to the smaller surface area. The incredibly strong 100% carbon shafts carry a ton of kinetic energy for better penetration to bring down tough big game.

Included Components Black Anodized Outsert:
300 Spine - 40 grains
350 Spine - 42 grains
400 Spine - 42 grains
Micro-Nock: 8 grains (all spines)
Grains Per Inch 300 - 11 grains
350 - 9.6 grains
400 - 8.6 grains
Outside Diameter 300 - .248"
350 - .240"
400 - .233"
Inside Diameter .165"
Factory Length 32"
Grain Weight Tolerance ± 1 grains
Quantity Per Pack 6
Black Eagle

Black Eagle Deep Impact Pre-Fletched Arrows - 6 Count


Built by GOHUNT

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