Black Eagle Carnivore Pre-Fletched Arrows - 6 Count

Black Eagle Arrows Carnivore are premium carbon hunting arrow featuring a .001" and .003" straightness tolerance with 8-grain nocks and 14-grain inserts included.


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Arrow Length Arrow length is determined by measuring carbon-to-carbon.
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Why we like this product

  • Designed to combine both 3-D target and hunting benefits into one arrow
  • Built to handle the high speeds of today's top-end bows with ease
  • Optimized to deliver the most kinetic energy for devastating penetration at all ranges
  • Black Eagle Arrows Standard Nock - Black-8 Grains and Carnivore Inserts - 14 Grains
  • Straightness tolerance of .001" and .003" offered with a weight tolerance of ±1 grain
  • Inner diameter of .2445” and outer ranging from .287-.303”

The Black Eagle Arrows Carnivore Pre-Fletched Arrow is a premium 100% carbon hunting and 3-D target arrow. Its flight characteristics were designed by experienced hunters to optimize speed, kinetic energy, and penetration to take down a wide range of big game species in any environment. The Black Eagle Arrows Carnivore Pre-Fletched Arrows are each weight-sorted and spine-matched to offer the most consistent grouping for repeatable accuracy in the field when it counts most. The arrow's exceptional durability and accuracy are sure to bring home the trophy deep in the woods or on the 3-D course.

Component Weights Insert - 14 grain
Nock - 8 grain
Grains Per Inch 250 - 9.7 grain
300 - 8.5 grain
350 - 7.5 grain
400 - 6.8 grain
Outside Diameter 250 - .303"
300 - .296"
350 - .291"
400 - .287"
Inside Diameter .2245" (all spines)
Factory Length 32"
Grain Weight Tolerance +/-1 grain
Quantity Per Pack 6
Black Eagle

Black Eagle Carnivore Pre-Fletched Arrows - 6 Count


Built by GOHUNT

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