B3 Archery Exit IV Release


Sorry, this product has been discontinued
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The Exit IV Release is B3 Archery's patented lock-and-load four-finger thumb-button design.

Why we like this product 
  • Four-finger design
  • Large thumb button with swirl texture
  • Fully radiused handle
  • Patented flex connector and internal design
  • Proprietary lock-and-load design
The B3 Archery Exit IV Release features a lock-and-load design so you don't have to push a cocking button to attach the hook to your string. Simply close the hook on the bowstring and you are ready to rock. There is a single screw adjustment for the thumb barrel allowing for a personal fit. The handle is fully radiused with a hardened 440c SS hook and is available in a black cap green base finish. A standard size wrist strap, black bracket, and green stitching are attached to the release with a woven nylon strap. The flex connector leather strap can be adjusted to any hand size or even removed altogether. 
Adjustable Tension No
Adjustable Length Yes
Adjustable Barrel Yes
Jaw Type Closed
Caliper Type Single
Material Aluminum handle with 440c stainless steel hook
B3 Archery

B3 Archery Exit IV Release


Built by GOHUNT

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