Axcel Landslyde Direct Single Pin Bow Sight


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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Quick-Adjust Knob turns smoothly along the rail for precision adjustments and features a press-to-move rapid adjustment
  • Adjustable Dead Stop is Axcel's return-to-zero feature allowing archers to set the 20 yard or "home" position for the slider
  • Ambidextrous design allows for use on both right-handed or left-handed bows
  • Includes 8 Metal Sight Tapes with 16 settings

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Individual windage lock and adjustable elevation lock ensure your LANDSLYDE always holds its position
  • True 1st, 2nd, 3rd axis adjustment
  • Extended elevation adjustment now accommodates a wider variety of set-ups
  • Warranty - Limited warranty

The New AXCEL® Landslyde is packed with features starting with the smooth as silk, Quick Adjust Knob. The Quick-Adjust Knob can be used to dial to a precise yardage or used as a rapid adjustment knob by pressing the elevation knob in and sliding the head of the sight up and/or down. The removable scope block can be changed quickly and easily for use with multiple housings or for bow-case travel. The Landslyde accepts all of the AXCEL® metal sight tapes and comes standard with (8) two-sided metal sight tapes. This new sight also features two adjustable red pointers, for use as a reference with a second aiming point. The Landslyde has increased windage travel, so the use of an offset block is not as common as it was with the AccuTouch Sight. The first, second, and third axis adjustments are each true and independent. The sight comes as a non-dampened direct mount model. Secure all settings on the Landslyde with an individual windage adjustment lock and an adjustable elevation lock. The AXCEL® Landslyde also features an adjustable dead stop, so archers can set the top pin location to the desired distance and have the sight stop at that location for a quick reference.

Type Adjustable
Number of Pins 1
Weight ??
Mount Type Direct
Warranty Limited warranty

Axcel Landslyde Direct Single Pin Bow Sight


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