Axcel Landslyde Carbon Pro 3 Pin Bow Sight


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***The product pictured depicts a single pin options. This sight is being offered is a 3 pin option.***

The Landslyde Carbon Pro 3 Pin Bow Sight is lightweight, well built, and packed with features for every western hunt.

Why we like this product

  • Two Adjustable Pointers now allows archers to set the gap for two Firepins inside the pin guard, moving targets just got easier to keep in range
  • For anyone looking for a sight to perform flawlessly and also hold true to Axcel Archery ‘Tough as a Tank’ with high-quality CNC machining and assembly in the USA
  • Adjustable Dead Stop is Axcel's return-to-zero feature allowing archers to set the 20 yard or "home" position for the slider
  • Quick-Adjust Knob turns smoothly along the rail for precision adjustments and features a press-to-move rapid adjustment
  • Individual windage lock and adjustable elevation lock ensure your LANDSLYDE always holds its position
  • True 1st, 2nd, 3rd axis adjustment with 8 Metal Sight Tapes with 16 settings

The Landslyde Carbon Pro 3 Pin is a purpose built western hunting sight that is loaded with features. The Carbon pro features a 1.75" AccuStat II scope with three .019" or .010" micro-adjustable FirePins. The Rapid Adjust quick release button allows you to quickly adjust the sight to any yardage or the archer can turn the Rapid Adjust knob for precise adjustments. The Landslyde features two independently adjustable pin pointers leading to even more customization. Also included with the Landslyde, double sided metal sight tapes that are proven to be far more weather resistant and care-free than traditional options. With the ability to adjust the 1st, 2nd and 3rd axis, the Landslyde is the ultimate in accuracy for the hunter. Ambidextrous design makes this sight suitable for right or left-handed shooters.

Type Adjustable
Number of Pins 3
Adjustments 1st, 2nd and 3rd axis
Mount type Dovetail
Warranty Limited warranty

Axcel Landslyde Carbon Pro 3 Pin Bow Sight


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