AAE Super Sling Finger Sling



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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Slides over your thumb and middle finger in front of the riser to help secure your bow and allow proper follow-through and grip
  • An alternative to the traditional wrist slings reduces bulk on your bow
  • Simple, lightweight and effective

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Soft nylon cord with flexible vinyl components
  • Makes for a secure, snug fit
  • One size fits all and easily adjusts to fit any bow

    A relaxed hand and proper follow-through are critical for executing an accurate shot with your bow and arrow. The AAE finger sling is a great alternative to the more traditional wrist slings you're likely familiar with. It allows you to execute a relaxed shot and follow through without fear of dropping your bow. The Super Sling is a durable finger sling made with soft nylon and flexible vinyl components for an accurate fit.


    AAE Super Sling Finger Sling


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