AAE Pro Drop Arrow Rest

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goHUNT Highlights

  • It is designed for bowhunters to shoot like target archers
  • The limb activated fall away rest that is easy to install
  • The durable design makes this a good rest for years to come 

Manufacturer Highlights 

  • It’s available in both RH and LH 
  • It is able to make both vertical and horizontal micro-adjustment
  • There is no torque, no tuning hassle, just full clearance, and accuracy

The Pro Drop Limb Activated Fall-Away arrow rest was designed to give bowhunters and target archers perfect vane and feather clearance and ultimate accuracy. Its rugged construction along with both vertical and horizontal micro-adjustment features makes it easy to tune your bow and keep it tuned. The limb-activated result is no cable torque, no cam synchronization issues, no variance in let-off, and no tuning hassle, just perfect fletching clearance and accuracy on every shot. It also means it's easier to fix in the field if something should go wrong.

Type Limb Driven or Cable Driven
Micro-Adjust Yes
Full Containment Yes
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