AAE Pro Drop Arrow Rest

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • A durable, accurate, limb driven drop away arrow rest
  • Rugged construction with micro-adjustable horizontal and vertical travel for precise tuning and accurate shooting
  • Half containment ring and rear arrow guide help keep your arrow on the rest in the moment of truth

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Available in both RH and LH
  • Zero-stretch stainless steel launcher cord attaches to the top or bottom limb of the bow
  • The urethane covered flexible-steel launcher is quiet on the draw and cushions the arrow at take-off for greater accuracy

The AAE Pro Drop Arrow Rest was designed to give bowhunters and target archers perfect vane and feather clearance and ultimate accuracy. Its' rugged construction along with both vertical and horizontal micro-adjustment features makes it easy to tune your bow and keep it tuned. The limb-activated result is no cable torque, no cam synchronization issues, no variance in let-off, and no tuning hassle, just perfect fletching clearance and accuracy on every shot. It also means it's easier to fix in the field if something should go wrong.

Type Limb Driven
Micro-Adjust Yes
Full Containment No

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brenton Scharlau
AAE Pro-Drop

So far can’t beat the rest for the price, took little effort to get my bow shooting bullet holes. Put it on a 2016 Hoyt Defiant 30 no complaints here.

James Reed
AAE pro drop

Impressed. Set up was easy, I’ve only shot about 10 arrows through it but so far so good.

Kevin E Parker

Well it's about time the some one came out with a rest that work's for the archer. I'v been shooting a golden premier rest converted to a drop away for many year,s and have kept it a secret , It took a bit of engenering to make it work but I did it and have used it for 3d, marked yardidge and hunting and have had great success with it.

Jonathan Wolworth
Best rest?

Three things make a great arrow rest, drop away, durable, and micro adjustable. This rest meets every requirement. You can switch out blades as wanted. Full, half, or no cage are options as well. It also allows to be clamped, served into, or limb driven along with mounting brackets for the limbs and conversion springs if you want it to be driven from top or bottom limb. The arrow holder is slick too, in my humble opinion it's probably the best rest for anyone hunting, 3D shooting, hybrid bow set up and target. Recommend it highly.

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