AAE Cameron Hanes Prophecy Arrow Rest

Cameron Hanes, a skilled bowhunter and passionate shooter, knows the critical significance of a dependable, adjustable, and consistent fall-away arrow rest. The AAE Prophecy Keep Hammering rest, designed with AAE's renowned Pro-Series frame, embodies the "Keep Hammering!" mindset while meeting the high demands of archers for precision and performance.


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Why we like this product

  • Both vertical and horizontal micro-adjustment
  • Stainless-steel axle with twin sealed ball bearings
  • Flexible, unbreakable launcher
  • Easily-replaceable activation cord

As a seasoned bowhunter and dedicated shooting enthusiast, Cameron Hanes fully understands the vital importance of a reliable, adjustable, and consistent fall-away arrow rest. The Cameron Hanes Keep Hammering Prophecy Arrow Rest, is a full-capture fall-away design that caters to archers who demand absolute precision, reliability, and performance, all while embodying the "Keep Hammering!" mentality. Incorporating AAE's acclaimed Pro-Series frame, the Cameron Hanes Prophecy offers both vertical and horizontal micro-adjustment for convenient setup and fine-tuning, utilizing the strongest and most consistent dovetail system in the industry. Its patented trigger system includes a nano-second delay for enhanced clearance, and the flexible yet unbreakable launcher adds forgiveness and reduces arrow noise. The stainless-steel axle is fitted with twin sealed ball bearings for ultimate strength and consistency, and the activation cord is easily replaceable, whether in the field or the workshop. Unlocking the full potential of the Prophecy, its unique internal mechanism stays quiet and durable during letting down. Its high cycle count ensures long-lasting performance, making it the top choice in its class. A simple forward rotation of the knob moves the rest down after shooting or while storing your bow.

Type Cable Driven
Micro-Adjust Yes
Full Containment Yes


AAE Cameron Hanes Prophecy Arrow Rest


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