GOHUNT Reward Points

We get it - hunting requires a lot of gear. That’s why we want our members to get the best gear for the best deal possible! Our rewards program issues reward points (think store credit) on all eligible purchases. Points can be redeemed on a future purchase and apply to anything in our store*.

One point equals $1

In our rewards program, one point equals one dollar. Points are earned based on margin so it varies by product. Underneath each item in the store, you can see how many points you'll earn for purchasing that item. Anyone can shop in our gear shop, but only members can earn and redeem points! 

Some of the best point offers on our store

Mystery Ranch Metcalf Backpack
You earn 59 Points
Klymit KSB 20° Down Sleeping Bag
You earn 21 Points
Klymit Inertia O Zone Sleeping Pad
Use 80 Points = FREE

ProductPricePoints Earned
Mystery Ranch
Metcalf Backpack
Klymit KSB 20°
down sleeping bag
Get a sleeping pad for free with points
Klymit Inertia O Zone
Sleeping Pad


How do you redeem points?

Using your points is simple! Just log into your account and available points can be applied at checkout.

* Rewards cannot be applied to the purchase of gift certificates or gift cards. 

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