Darn Tough Vermont Women's Socks Size Guide

Size US Women's Shoe US Men's Shoe EU Shoe Size
Small 4.5 - 7 2.5 - 5 35 - 37.5
Medium 7.5 - 9.5 5.5 - 7.5 38 - 40.5
Large 10 - 11.5 8 - 9.5 41 - 42.5

Sock Height

Graphic showing sock heights compared to each other for sock sizing chart help

Sock Cushion

No Cushion Socks: A thin knit with no lift from terry loops in the socks. Regardless of yarn weight, this is a thin sock.

Cushion Socks: Terry loops underfoot and other areas of the sock, but does not wrap the foot. Our most popular, versatile cushion style.

Full Cushion Socks: The terry loops run the entire length of the sock, or at least up to the cuff, for a full wrap of cushion around the foot and leg.

Sock Weight

Ultra-lightweight Socks: The absolute lowest profile that is nearly a second skin. Even with cushion, these socks are sleek and silky smooth.

Lightweight Socks: The most versatile weight found in practically every sock category. When accompanied with cushion, it is considered the most sublime combination.

Midweight Socks: With the outdoors in mind, this is where Darn Tough's hiking socks and ski socks made their name. More natural insulation, and so durable they are a thru-hiker staple.

Heavyweight Socks: Our warmest socks. Always with cushion, if not a full cushion of terry loops, these usually have the highest Merino Wool content of any style with maximum Merino benefits.