Nockturnal Lighted G-Nock


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Nockturnal Lighted G-nocks provide a factory fit and finish with the added benefit of knowing where your shot goes.

Why we like this product
  • Easy to install with unsurpassed reliability
  • Fits smaller diameter carbon .165 inside diameter shafts
  • Super bright LED’s visible from long distance
  • Waterproof, and weatherproof with a 20+ hour lithium battery
  • Bowstring activated linear switch and tool activated with the Universal Nock Tool
  • Three nocks per package, each weighing approximately 20 grains

    Nockturnal Lighted G-nocks are among the most used and best quality lighted nocks on the market. The Nockturnal nocks are a great replacement for your factory nocks and provide an excellent fit on most bowstring types and materials. Long-lasting lithium batteries provide 20+ hours of operation and the super bright LED’s can be seen from a long distance. The nocks are activated by your bowstring on the shot and can be easily turned on or off with a small switch. The Nockturnal nocks are weather and waterproof and will work under any condition. Lighted nocks can help the hunter see where the arrow hits on the target, and watch the lighted nock disappear as it passes through the animal. Locating your arrows in the field after the shot has never been easier with these G-nocks!


    Nockturnal Lighted G-Nock


    Built by GOHUNT

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