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GOHUNT Highlights

  • The GOHUNT Kill Kit has just about everything you need to quickly and cleanly process your buck or bull

  • This Kill Kit is perfect for any style of hunting from ultralight backpack hunters to truck hunters

  • Add the knife of your choice and you are ready to go

Manufacturer's Highlights

  • Pair it with the Argali or Caribou game bags of your choice

  • 1.5 L Cordura ripstop silnylon zip-pouch

  • Weighs less than 1 lb

Across the west hunters set out every Fall with the same goal in mind, fill the freezer and when it finally comes together having a complete ready-to-go kill kit is imperative. The GOHUNT Kill Kit has just about everything you need to quickly and cleanly process your buck or bull. A 1.5 L zip-pouch comes with either a Caribou or Argali Game Bag Set, a plastic contractor bag to keep your pack clean and lay the meat on, 50 ft of orange reflective cord to hang meat, a roll of flagging and electrical tape, two towelettes to clean your hands, a set of orange Nitrile gloves and a BIC pen to sign your tag. Add your favorite hunting knife and you are ready to go!

**Color of kill kit bag may vary

Quantity Item
1 1.5 L Cordura ripstop silnylon zip-pouch (weighs 1 oz)
1 Game Bag Set
1 50 ft Atwood 3/32" orange tactical reflective cord (275 lb tension rate)
1 33 - gallon plastic contractor bag
1 roll of fluorescent orange marking tape
1 roll of black electrical tape
1 set of orange Nitrile gloves
1 black BIC pen
2 wet towelettes to clean hands

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Kaden McBride

Very well thought out and put together. Thanks goHUNT team!

Mike Duffell
Great kit

Kit is useful, lightweight, and pairs well with the game bag selections!!

Good product

A convenient product. All items should be useful and the small lightweight bag helps keep all items organized and handy.

Jeremy Kebert
GoHunt Kill kit

Very nice little kit that needs a couple more items IMHO to be perfect. I took the large roll of electrical tape and large roll of survey tape out and replaced with smaller ones. Then added a small pack of wet wipes from walmart to augment the two wet naps provided. Then added three zip ties and a zip top sandwich bag. All in all very few mods that cost a buck or two. I really like the bag the kit comes in. It fits the above contents plus two caribou game bags a Havalon knife a few extra blades and a outdoor edge bone saw with no issues. Making a pretty complete system.

Perfect Kill Kit

Pretty much spot on for a general kill kit. The bag is great and the items included are the basis for easy customization. I chose to purchase a separate larger possibles bag so I could have my game bags and extras all in one place. Speaking of which, the game bags are top notch quality as well. Best value around for a solid kill kit.

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