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Seek Outside Titanium Bail Handle Mug

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-Titanium, weighs only 4.6oz total
-Bail handle allows you to remove pot from heat source without burning your hand
-Measurement lines take the guess work out of boiling water for freeze dried meals

This titanium mug can be used as a mug or a pot and has several features that help it to perform better than similar pots. First and foremost it is made from titanium which is lighter and stronger than other options. As the name indicates it features a bail handle. The bail handle allows you to use a branch or almost anything to lift the pot off of the stove or fire preventing you from burning your hand. It can also be used to suspend or hang the pot over an open flame. Another small detail that displays the ingenuity of the design, is that the pot has measurement markings on the inside. Now you don't have to guess how much water you are boiling for your freeze dried meal. The pot has markings every 100 ml from 200-500 ml and markings for 1, 1.5, and 2 cups. This pot pairs extremely well with traditional backpacking stoves, such as the MSR PocketRocket Deluxe. It will store both a 4oz fuel canister and stove making it an extremely lightweight, durable, cooking setup. 

Weight 4.6 oz w/o the stuff sack, 5.1 oz w/ the stuff sack
Height 4.5"
Diameter 4"
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