Grayl GeoPress Purifier Replacement Cartridge

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Simple to replace cartridge
  • The replacement cartridge is designed to last 350 cycles (65 gal./250L)
  • Improves taste, smell, and clarity

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Removes waterborne pathogens
  • The cartridge has a shelf life of 10 years if stored under proper conditions
  • Filters particulates and many chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals
  • Filters 8 seconds per 24 oz ( 5 liters/minute )
  • Warranty - 10 year warranty

When the time comes that you need to replace your purifier cartridge the Grayl GeoPress Purifier Replacement Cartridge will allow you to be back in the mountains drinking clean water in a matter of minutes. Just simply replace the cartridge and you will be good to go for another 350 cycles.

Weight 3.8 oz
Dimensions 2.9" H x 3.1" W
Lifespan 350 cycles (65 gal./250L)
Warranty 10 year

Grayl GeoPress Purifier Replacement Cartridge


Built by GOHUNT

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