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The Grayl 16.9 UltraPress Purifier is a compact, discrete, and easy-to-use water purifier perfect for travel to areas with dirty water sources.

Why we like this product
  • The UltraPress fits into any pack pocket or cup holder, requires zero setup and makes clean purified drinking water in seconds
  • Award-winning OnePress global protection is effective on all seven continents allowing adventurers to drink from some sketchy water sources
  • Removes all waterborne pathogens including viruses, bacteria, and Protozoa 
  • Ultra-powdered activated carbon filters out particulates and absorbs many chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, VOCs, off-flavors, and odors
  • Multi-functional SimpleVent drink cap vents air during the purification and filtration process to protect the lid from cross-contamination

    If you are looking for a compact, discrete, and easy-to-use purifier, then pick up the Grayl 16.9 UltraPress Covert Edition and be blown away by its performance. The 16.9 UltraPress Covert Edition fits into any pack pocket or cup holder so you can keep it with you during road trips or airport travel. The UltraPress requires zero setup and makes 16.9 ounces of purified drinking water in 10 seconds, simply fill, press, and drink. This on-the-go filter and purifier are perfect for the hiker, hunter, or international adventure who wants to take the guesswork out of filtering and purifying their drinking water. The replaceable UltraPress Purifier Cartridges are rated for 300 cycles, approximately 40 gallons or 150 liters with a single cartridge capable of lasting an entire hunting trip and possibly even the season depending on how lucky you get with drawing tags. Stored under proper conditions unopened purifier cartridges have a shelf life of 10 years with a 3-year shelf life after first use. When the "press-time" reaches 25 seconds it is time to replace the cartridge. RiverFlow spout delivers a fast flow of clean drinking water for easy chugging or filling water bladders for camp. FlipCarry handle can rotate 90 degrees for easy separation between the inner press and outer refill, provides an easy carry handle, and large surface area for pressing when in the flat position. Combine the large surface area with the SoftPress ergonomic comfort pad on the cap for comfortable, non-slip, anti-fatigue pressing when filtering and purifying large quantities of water. The TPE TopoGrip is placed on the heavy use areas of the UltraPress bottle for a tactile, non-slip grip and lasting durability.

    Weight 12.5 oz
    Capacity 16.9 oz
    Height 9.75"
    Diameter 2.95" (at base)
    Cartridge Life 300 cycles approximately 40 gallons/150 liters
    Materials BPA-free polypropylene #5, food-grade silicone, TPE and ABS food-grade plastic
    Manufacturer Warranty 10-year warranty covering workmanship and materials

      Grayl 16.9 UltraPress Purifier


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