Final Rise Turkey Seat

Complete your Final Rise turkey set up fully functional while keeping it lightweight with the durable Turkey Seat.


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Why we like this product

  • Weights just over 1 lb making it a lightweight option
  • Utilizes high grade EVA foam to provide ultimate comfort
  • Doubles as a carrier for any turkey goods such as decoys, blinds, stools, etc
  • Water resistant and versatile

Adding versatility and value to the Final Rise System is a top priority. Now, by combining the all-new Turkey Seat with your system, you have a lightweight, durable and fully functional turkey setup that's easy to adjust in the field and provide comfort from the tree root, rocks, cacti, and anything else nature throws at you in an effort to give that weary gobbler the upper hand. By utilizing a high-grade EVA foam, this seat delivers comfort, function and ease of use in an extremely light, water-resistant and versatile package. Weighing a mere 1lb and some change, what you gain in a small amount of weight yields a 10x return in comfort.

*Product Requires a pair of “Jacket Lashes” to attach to the vest.

Final Rise

Final Rise Turkey Seat


Built by GOHUNT

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