Rage Hypodermic Trypan Broadheads

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The Hypodermic Trypan are some of the scariest broadheads Rage has ever produced. With a streamlined titanium ferrule and a 2" cutting diameter the Trypan creates a slap-cut entry wound in excess of 2.5 inches. Afterward, the Trypan’s .039" thick razor-sharp stainless steel blades settle into a sweptback blade-angle configuration. These are the thickest blades Rage has ever used in a broadhead. In flight, the overall diameter is only  3/4" making the Trypan a very accurate and stable broadhead. The grey polymer Trypan-specific Shock Collar provides exceptional blade retention and consistently reliable blade deployment. The one time use Shock Collars are keyed to notches in the Trypan’s titanium ferrule, so they never can be put on incorrectly. The Trypan is an excellent option if you are looking for a sturdy, razor-sharp, field-tip accurate mechanical broadhead.

  • Titanium Streamlined Ferrule
  • Super Swept Bade Blade Design
  • .039 Blade Thickness
  • 2" Cutting Diameter
  • 3 Pack  
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