AAE Prophecy Arrow Rest

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- Flexible and unbreakable launcher
- Both vertical and horizontal micro adjustment
- Field replaceable activation cord for easy set-up and timing

AAE's new "PROPHECY" rest is a full-capture, fall-away rest designed for hunters and target shooters that demand the maximum in accuracy, consistency, and dependability. 
Built on AAE's renowned Pro-Series frame, the Prophecy provides both vertical and horizontal micro-adjustment for ease of set-up and fine tuning.

AAE's proprietary trigger mechanism includes an integrated nano-second delay allowing the rest to stay up longer while maintaining maximum clearance. The launcher is flexible and unbreakable for added forgiveness and minimal arrow noise. The stainless steel tolerance-fit axle rotates on twin stainless steel sealed ball bearings for ultimate strength and consistency. It also features a field replaceable activation cord for ease of set-up and timing.  

The Prophecy's internal mechanism does not cycle when letting down, reducing potential unwanted noise.

Type Limb Driven or Cable Driven
Micro-Adjust Yes
Full Containment Yes
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