Wilderness Athlete

Wilderness Athlete Energy & Focus Tub

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goHUNT Highlights

  • Perfect for keeping at the office or at your hunting basecamp
  • Contains no simple sugars to interfere with normal blood sugar metabolism and regulation a true "no crash" Formula
  • Fast-acting, steady energy boost Feel it in minutes, enjoy for it hours to keep you going on the trail or in the office
  • Great when mixed with Hydrate & Recover

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Formulated to provide noticeable mental clarity to help push through and stay focused on whatever it may be
  • Naturally flavored and colored, contains no artificial ingredients
  • Climb the mountain and exceed your goals with energy, clarity, and alertness you'll feel all-day

Wilderness Athlete Energy & Focus is the perfect supplement to take before a long day at work or in the field. With long-lasting energy and no crash, you won't have to worry about falling short at the end of the day.

Serving Size 1 scoop
Servings per container 30

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Amanda Woodley
Perfect hydration

This is my husband’s favorite recovery drink. It gives him energy without the jitters, and helps his body recover from a work out, or just a long day. He works as a lineman, and Arizona summers drain him. He has found this makes him feel himself much faster than other sports drinks.

Nicholas Hill

Wilderness Athlete Energy & Focus Tub

Ryan W.
Left a bit to be desired

The taste wasn't very good. Grind up a bunch of vitamins, put them in water, and there you go. The "alertness" wasn't great either. After a long walk with my kids, I fell asleep on the couch with ease. I'll likely stick to water enhancers like Mio.


I think I’ll stick with MTN ops. Flavor was not that good and didn’t feel anything compared to ignite. Maybe works for some people but just not for me.

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