Wild Society Coffee Microground Instant Colombian Coffee - 12 Count

Fuel your adventure with Wild Society Coffee's Instant Colombian coffee, this micro-ground, medium-dark roast gourmet coffee features the highest-quality Colombian beans for a chocolate-caramel-nut flavor with a soft texture and smooth flavor.

Sorry, this product has been discontinued
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Why we like this product

  • Gourmet cafe quality coffee in an instant, add hot water and enjoy
  • Premium Colombian micro-ground beans provide an amazingly smooth and rich flavor
  • Medium-dark roast, well balanced for a bold taste
  • Mild and aromatic
  • Wild Society Coffee donates 20% of its profits to actionable conservation projects to benefit the outdoorsman

Only the highest-grade Colombian beans are used to create this chocolate-caramel-nut flavor profile. Medium-dark roasted, with a soft texture and a smooth nutty richness, this coffee is characterized by its refreshing flavor. Well-balanced for a bold taste, this one is for the coffee lover on the go and can be enjoyed anywhere. Twelve micro-ground coffee sticks per box, one stick per serving. Empty the stick into a cup, pour 5 oz of hot water (176° - 185°), stir, and enjoy!

Weight 1.69 oz box (one stick 4g)
12 servings per box 
Blend Colombian 
Strength Medium-Dark Roast
Type Micro-ground instant coffee
Wild Society Coffee

Wild Society Coffee Microground Instant Colombian Coffee - 12 Count


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