Ultraview Archery Slider Sight

Delivering maximum performance, the UV Slider features improved ergonomics and enhanced innovations. DualDial guarantees effortless adjustment with one turn of the dial and locks allow for easy elevation and windage regulation. TripleMark gives precision with combined pin and indicator pairing, while QuickBreak makes breakdown and cleaning simpler. The UV Slider grants superior accuracy and unparalleled convenience for shooters. No other sliding sight on the market offers this combination of convenience and performance.


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Why we like this product

  • UV3XL SE Slider Edition offers superior functionalities and enhanced ease of use with an integrated, removable light cartridge for consistent pin brightness.
  • Twin Sight Tapes for always-visible yardage marks on both sides of the sight.
  • Pre-aligned 2nd axis with micro-adjust 1st and 3rd.
  • The Anti-Backlash design in UV Slider™ eliminates uncertainty, guaranteeing precision, smoothness, and reliability for an unrivaled performance.
  • BridgeLock, Picatinny, and Side Mount options provide seamless and optimized integration with all bows.

The Ultraview Slider sight was designed with improved ergonomics to deliver maximum performance. Featuring DualDial, TripleMark, and QuickBreak innovations, the UV Slider sets a new standard for sliding sights. DualDial guarantees effortless adjustment with a single turn of the dial and the convenient locks allow for easy locking and unlocking of elevation and windage. TripleMark ensures precision at every distance with its combined pin and indicator pairing. QuickBreak makes breakdown and cleaning simple and easy while on the go. The UV Slider offers superior precision and ease for the most reliable shooting experience. 

Sight Type


Number of Pins

3 pin

Pin Size



Bridge-Lock - 12.5 oz
Side Mount - 12.5 oz
Picatinny - 12.3 oz


1st, 2nd & 3rd axis leveling



Manufacturer Warranty

1-year limited warranty from the date of purchase

Ultraview Archery

Ultraview Archery Slider Sight


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