Ultraview Archery UV3 SE Hunting Cartridge

The UV3™ SE Cartridge is designed for single/double pin hunting setups and comes with a pre-installed up-pin and Pin-Ring. It offers customized cartridges for various archery disciplines without affecting the top pin point of impact. It can hold a lens and Pin-Ring simultaneously (except Doublet lenses). Lens not included.


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Why we like this product

  • Your top pin point of impact does not change when you swap your cartridges
  • Accepts lenses with a diameter of 1.350” (31mm)
  • UV3 Hunting Cartridges are compatible with the UV3™ SE scope

The Ultraview Archery UV3 SE Cartridge includes a pre-installed up-pin and is specifically designed for single or double-pin hunting setups. The latest addition, the ALL NEW DOUBLE .015", is now available. It comes with a Pin-Ring that is already installed and ready for use in the UV3 SE scope. This allows for customized cartridges for various disciplines of archery such as Western Hunting, Whitetail, 3D, Field, Indoor, Outdoor, and more. Swapping cartridges does not affect the top pin point of impact, providing precision and accuracy. For example, you can use a 0.019” cartridge for close-distance white tail and a 0.010” cartridge for long-distance elk hunting, both hitting the same spot. The distance between pins in the double pin is 0.25". This cartridge can hold both a lens and Pin-Ring at the same time (excluding UV3 SE Doublet lenses). Please note that a lens is not included.

Ultraview Archery

Ultraview Archery UV3 SE Hunting Cartridge


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