Ultraview Archery QuickWeight

Engage in an effortless upgrade with UV QuickWeight™! Boasting a patented stabilizer weight solution and top-grade stainless steel construction with a glossy, long-lasting PVD coating, this innovative product eliminates extra hardware like set-screws and lengthy threaded rods. Enjoy the convenient and enjoyable weight changes, knowing your weight is engineered and made in America using the premium PVD process to form a thin, bonded metal surface layer. Delight in the highest quality weight upgrade with UV QuickWeight!

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Why we like this product

  • Designed to meet the exacting standards of the world's leading archers
  • The Pro Hunter Maxx end-weights provide maximum balance and stability for your Bee Stinger Stabilizer system
  • Durable finish
  • Aim steadier and slow your pin movement down by adding Maxx weights to your stabilizer
  • Both 1 oz and 4 oz options to help you find the perfect balance and hold
  • The added weight will decrease noise, reduce vibration, and tighten up your groups

Ultraview Archery QuickWeight is an inventive, patented stabilizer weight solution that eliminates extra hardware such as set screws and lengthy threaded rods for weight changes. Manufactured from top-grade stainless steel and layered with a long-lasting PVD process, these weights have a glossy black finish. With UV QuickWeight, changing your stabilizer setup is easy, convenient, and enjoyable. Enjoy the best weight upgrade with UV QuickWeight. Engineered and made in America. PVD Coating, also known as thin-film coating, is a premium process that improves the weight's look, toughness, and quality. This top-notch process involves evaporating a solid material in a vacuum and adhering it to the weight's surface molecule by molecule, forming a thin, bonded, and lasting metal surface layer. This layer is permanently linked to the stainless steel weight, resulting in an exquisite finish that lasts.

Ultraview Archery

Ultraview Archery QuickWeight


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