Tooth of the Arrow S-Series Broadheads



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Tooth of the Arrow S-Series 1" and 1-3/16" broadheads are fully machined and made in the USA.

Why we like this product
  • Fixed blade broadhead that delivers the reliability of a fixed blade with the cutting width of a mechanical head
  • One-piece design, made from a solid piece of steel
  • Heat treated to Rc45 with a 45-degree angle cutting edge
  • Low profile design provides better aerodynamics and accuracy 
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed to experience better flight, more penetration, and quicker recoveries
Like all Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads, the 1-inch and 1-3/16-inch S-Series are fully machined and made in the USA. A four-blade fixed broadhead design includes a shorter ferrule for unsurpassed flight. The broadheads are heat-treated to a Rockwell hardness rating of 45 for ultimate durability. The razor-sharp 45-degree blades provide unsurpassed wound channels bringing the animal down quicker and making for better blood trails. The 1-inch broadhead is specifically designed for incredible accuracy at any distance. Perfect for maximum penetration on large game animals like elk or moose. Tooth of the Arrow has designed every aspect of the broadheads for a specific purpose. The result is a true fixed blade broadhead that provides you with the ultimate confidence in the field when it matters the most.
Type Fixed Blade
Weight 100 grain
125 grain
150 grain
175 grain (1-3/16" only)
Number of Blades Four
Pack Quantity  Three
Cutting Diameter 1"
Material  11L41 Steel
Tooth of the Arrow

Tooth of the Arrow S-Series Broadheads


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