Timney Triggers Remington 700 HIT Trigger

Timney’s engineers took a look at their M700 triggers and came up with a design that features new geometry, the customers have asked and Timney delivered - The Hit.


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Why we like this product

  • Compatible with over 30 different rifle models!
  • The triggers sear and trigger shoe is precision-machined and heat treated to 56 Rockwell
  • Features 2 different finishes, 2 different trigger types, right/left handled compatibility, and 4 different pull weights
  • Backed by Timneys No hassle, Lifetime warranty

Timney’s engineers took a look at the M700 triggers and came up with a design that features new geometry, the Remington 700 HIT Trigger is robust and features Timney’s new Sear Engagement Adjustment Lock design (SEAL'd). This ensures a user-friendly experience, is adjustable for pull weight and overtravel, yet is delicate enough to be set with a pull weight as low as 8 oz up to 2 lbs. Every part of the HIT Trigger is machined using state-of-the-art technology, there was no skimping with metal injection molding or stamping, old-school parts. The trigger’s sear and trigger shoe are precision-machined, heat treated to 56 Rockwell with a black oxide trigger coating and an NP-3 plated sear for maximum lubricity and a lifetime of reliable performance. The Hit is backed by the legendary Timney No Hassle, Lifetime Warranty.

Make sure the weapon is clear and dry fire the trigger, while it is in the fired position tighten the over-travel screw in until it hits the trigger and then back it out about 1/6 of a turn or one flat of the hex wrench. It should move freely and fire easily, but you shouldn’t have to “chase” the trigger more than about .015

Pull Weight adjustment
The bottom front screw adjusts the pull weight. Turning this screw clockwise will increase the pull weight. Turning it counterclockwise will decrease the pull weight. If you only have digital clocks, just remember “righty tighty, lefty loosey”. Do not reduce pull weight below 1.5 lbs (or 8oz for Calvin Elite Series.)

Weight 1.8 oz
Adjustable Trigger  Yes
Trigger Pull 8 oz - 2 lbs
Style Curved
Material Steel
Finish Black
Compatible With Remington Model 700
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime warranty 
Timney Triggers

Timney Triggers Remington 700 HIT Trigger


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