TightSpot Shift Lock Arrow Quiver

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The TightSpot Shift Lock Arrow Quiver is an adjustable quiver allowing the archer to find the perfect fit. 

Why we like this quiver
  • Telescoping Rod length allows you to customize the length to perfectly fit the arrows and adjust the hood for better balance
  • The Second Arrow Gripper provides a more secure and reliable hold on your arrows
  • Large Hood design accommodates longer and wider style broadheads
  • Premium materials like Aluminum and woven Carbon Fiber for a lightweight and durable platform
  • Built-in Quiver Hanger and Quick Detach feature allows you to hang your bow on a nearby limb or detach the quiver completely

The TightSpot Shift Lock Quiver is the most adjustable quiver on the market today. Triple-axis adjustment allows for a full range of adjustability for the perfect fit on your bow. Achieve the perfect hold for the arrow setup you use with adjustable arrow wedges, a second arrow gripper, and a larger hood. The oversized dovetail feature lets you slide the quiver up and down to fine-tune the balance of the bow while the super tight fit against the riser eliminates side torque.

Arrow Quantity  5
Weight 13 oz
Materials  Aluminum and woven Carbon Fiber
Warranty Lifetime

TightSpot Shift Lock Arrow Quiver


Built by GOHUNT

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