TightSpot Secondary Arrow Gripper

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goHUNT Highlights 

  • A great addition for those who need extra security 
  • Keeps arrows secure while hiking/side-hilling/ or during intense weather conditions
  • Allows broadheads to be untouched in the quiver 

Manufacturer Highlights


Adding a secondary gripping position for your arrows has never been easier thanks to the TightSpot Secondary Gripper. It’s super simple to install at the top of your current Tightspot 5 Arrow Quiver and makes a world of difference in your shot vibration and sound. This secondary gripper allows you to secure your arrows in the quiver with nothing touching the broadheads in the hood. That way your fixed blade heads stay sharp and your expandables don't prematurely deploy. The oval holes allow for self-centering of the arrow in the gripper and for fitting any size hunting shafts including today’s popular micro diameter shafts.

Customer Reviews

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Makes arrows much more secure

I use it on the 7 arrow quiver and it does prevent you from using the two back arrow slots (which is ok with me). The Secondary gripper holds arrows much more firmly than without it, which helps with noise and keeping expandables from opening. Glad I buy this, although I think Tightspot could throw them in with the already $150 quiver

What I needed

I was having trouble keeping my arrows (VAP TKO's) really snug in my quiver when I shot so I purchased this piece. It is light and helped secure the arrows better. Tightening the tight spot helped as well, but now they are in there very snug and I am not worried about the arrows popping out or anything like that. Twenty bucks well spent I think.

New quiver

Had a Mathews quiver and was constantly having arrows fall out in the brush, this one so far seems much better and I really like the adjustments on it.
Would recommend

Too tight. And doesn’t fit well in quiver itself

Too tight. And doesn’t fit well in quiver itself


I purchased this item to help quiet my quiver and to better hold my VAP TKO's. This product has accomplished both tasks exceptionally.

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