TightSpot Rise 5 Arrow Lite Quiver

The TightSpot Rise 5 Arrow Lite Quiver is the perfect way to carry your arrows. With its new and improved larger vented hood specially designed for larger and longer fixed blades and expandable broadheads, you'll be able to hold up to 5 arrows with ease.


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Why we like this product

  • Improved larger vented hood
  • It fits tight to the bow and is exceptionally lightweight
  • A quick detach allows you to rotate the quiver forward or back to fine-tune bow balance
  • The patented Bulldog Gripper system, with Arrow Wedges, provides individually adjustable arrow tension. Adjustable to fit nearly every arrow diameter

The TightSpot Rise Lite 5 Arrow Quiver is ideal for treestand hunters and is built to fit closer to the bow. Featuring premium aluminum and woven carbon fiber construction for weight reduction and maximum durability, its large vented hood and secondary gripper provide extra security for any size arrow and broadhead combination. Its three-way adjustment offers precise bow balance and virtually no torque for increased accuracy. The built-in hanger and quick-detach allow easy removal, and adjustable arrow tension ensures that arrows stay secure.

Arrow 5
Weight 12 oz
Materials Carbon & Aluminum
Length 16"
Hood to Gripper 13"
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime

TightSpot Rise 5 Arrow Lite Quiver


Built by GOHUNT

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