TAC Vanes LRP Practice Head Ferrule Only - 3 Pack

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The TAC Vanes LRP Practice Head Ferrule offers precision, durability, and optimal tuning for virtually any distance shooting. Matching the size, shape, and weight of actual Levi Morgan LRP Series broadheads, this system provides an unparalleled practice experience. It's the perfect choice for those looking to take their micro-diameter arrows out to the long range.

  • Ferrule is built from anodized aircraft aluminum
  • The tip is stainless steel

Included: 3-pack 104 grain practice heads. Practice heads are designed to be 3 grains heavier than the actual broadhead because of the drag induced by the broadhead blades. Thus the practice heads and broadheads fly identically.

TAC Vanes

TAC Vanes LRP Practice Head Ferrule Only - 3 Pack


Built by GOHUNT

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