TAC Vanes LRP Arrow System - 6 Count

Customize your arrows to the next level with the TAC LRP, providing 2x greater strength than before plus unmatched accuracy and consistency. Optimized 2.75” TAC Drivers with 3-fletch and 2.25” TAC Drivers with 4-fletch make sure your arrows stay on-target from launch to target. This system gives you unrivaled strength and dependability from the start.





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Optional Customizations

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Arrow Length Arrow length is determined by measuring carbon-to-carbon.
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Glue Inserts Select "Yes" if you'd like us to install factory-included inserts. For additional customizations, contact us at (702) 847-8747 or gear@GOHUNT.com prior to placing your order.
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Why we like this product

  • SPINE-ALIGNED - Each arrow is spine-aligned for consistent flight.
  • Bone crushing carbide chisel tip
  • Reinforced ribbed ferrule
  • Arced .032” blade thickness
  • BLADE-ALIGN TECHNOLOGY - Allows you to accurately align your broadhead blades with your vanes for the most accurate shooting possible.
  • BLADE-LOCK TECHNOLOGY - Allows you to lock the broadhead so that you can practice with the same broadhead you hunt with.

How GOHUNT cuts your arrows

When cut, the length of your custom arrows is determined by measuring carbon-to-carbon.

Diagram showing arrow measurement carbon-to-carbon

Arrows cannot be returned once they have been cut

The newly designed TAC LRP sets the bar for customized arrow systems--bringing 2x greater strength than standard configurations and unmatched accuracy and consistency. Standard 2.75” TAC Drivers with 3-fletch and 2.25” TAC Drivers with 4-fletch ensure maximum stability from release to impact. This system guarantees superior strength and reliability right out of the box. Color options for the vanes and wraps are only White, as pictured. Substitution of these features is not available.

What's Included
The TAC Vanes LRP Arrow System comes with 6 Gold Tip Pierce Platinum arrows, 3 LRP practice heads, GTO Nocks, Gold Tip Nock Collars, LRP Threaded Posts, and LRP Terminal Collars.

*The package does not come with broadheads.

Spine Size  Grains Per Inch GTP Nock GT Nock Collar Tac Vanes
2.25" x 4 
Tac Vanes
2.75" x 3
250 9.8 gn 5.3 gn 2.7 gn 5 gn 6 gn
300 9.1 gn 5.3 gn 2.6 gn gn gn
340 8.3 gn 5.3 gn 2.6 gn gn gn


TAC Vanes

TAC Vanes LRP Arrow System - 6 Count


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