Stanislawski OnneX Clicker Thumb Release

The OnneX Thumb Clicker by Stanislawski merges STAN's thumb release engineering with Joel Turner's Shot IQ expertise for a revolutionizing firing mechanism. This state-of-the-art design encompasses the benefits of a clicker and a thumb button for one of the most reliable and quick-acting triggers available. The well-known Shot IQ technique, allowing shooters to maintain aim and trigger pull steadiness, is expertly incorporated into the OnneX Thumb Clicker for the best performance possible.


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***Stan offers the OnneX in three sizes whereas many only offer two. The medium is a smidge too small for most, the XL is for guys that brick and mortar day in and day out. Large is the best fit for 80% of customers.***

Combining STAN's legacy of thumb release engineering with Joel Turner's expertise from Shot IQ, the OnneX Thumb Clicker represents a revolutionary new evolution of thumb button design. It combines the advantages of a click with the best aspects of the thumb button, promising the most reliable and fast-acting firing mechanism we have ever developed. The proven Shot IQ technique, which helps the shooter maintain a steady aim and trigger pull, is perfectly integrated into the Stanislawski OnneX Thumb Clicker for unparalleled results.

Fifty years of success culminated in STAN's stellar OnneX platform! All three releases - Thumb, Hinge, and Resistance - share the same handle, hook placement, & point of impact, giving you a reliable, cozy feel with every shot.

**In the Package**

2 Thumb Barrel Extensions
2 Thumb Barrel Sizes
3 & 4 Finger Attachments

Adjustable Tension Yes
Adjustable Travel Yes
Jaw Type Closed
Manufacturer Warranty One-year limited warranty

Stanislawski OnneX Clicker Thumb Release


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