Soto New River Pot + Amicus Stove System

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- 1000 mL / 33.8 oz capacity pot with Soto's original non-slip base increases stability on the stove
- Piezo Igniter
- Concave Burner Increases Performance in Windy Conditions

The Soto New River Pot is made of durable and lightweight aluminum and has a 1 liter capacity. It also features Soto's exclusive non-slip base for increased security on top of a stove. The Amicus with Stealth Igniter is Soto's first low-cost stove with high-end performance. A hidden electric line for the igniter makes for a sleek, durable design. Lightweight, compact and shock resistant with improved ignition makes this a high performing stove for any backcountry hunt. The unique concave burner surface increases performance under windy conditions. Spring-loaded pot supports are engineered for easy set up adding stability for the pot.

Dimensions In use 3" x 4" x 3.4"
When stowed 1.7" x 1.6" x 3"

Pot - 4.4 oz

Pot Lid - 0.8 oz

Amicus Stove - 2.8 oz

Total Weight - 8 oz

Burn Time on 8 oz Fuel Can 1.5 Hours
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